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Roberto Quiroga managing partner
A picture of Roberto Quiroga, seated, looking forward with a slight smile. His forearms are resting on a white table, with one hand on top of the other. There is a white wall in the background, and he is wearing a light blue shirt and a dark blue suit jacket.

Open letter

We live in challenging times. Whether from social, economic and political perspectives, discussions related to human rights have long been necessary in Brazil, and are now taking center stage in the country’s agenda.

The health, economic and humanitarian crises generated by the Covid-19 pandemic have further exposed vulnerable populations to the deeply rooted inequality ever-present throughout Brazil’s history. The pandemic has allowed us to better understand the extent that gender, race and sexual orientation – along with other markers of social difference – affect Brazilians’ ability to exercise their fundamental rights. At the same time, the pandemic has awakened a widespread sense of solidarity and the understanding that collective responsibility, commitment and effort are required for effective social transformation.

The practice of law WITH SOCIAL DNA

Giving back to society is Mattos Filho’s ongoing commitment. It is part of the firm’s DNA to carry out and support initiatives that promote human rights, citizenship, diversity and inclusion, equity of opportunities and rights, broad and democratic access to justice, as well as the dissemination of legal knowledge. This activity is structured in a social ecosystem based on three pillars: pro bono practice, corporate citizenship and Instituto Mattos Filho.

Illustrative image of social isolation in the pandemic.


Faced with the health, economic, and humanitarian crisis caused by Covid-19, Mattos Filho has directed its efforts to minimize the impacts of the pandemic and take care of people and society, acting quickly and understanding the needs of its professionals, clients and groups that have become more vulnerable.

THE PATH TOWARDS racial equality

Specialist guests and the firm’s professionals discuss the fight against racism in Brazil in an exclusive podcast by Mattos Filho.

The impacts of racism on society and the actions necessary to promote racial equity are discussed in a special episode of Único – Mattos Filho’s podcast series (in portuguese) – with the mediation of managing partner Roberto Quiroga. Specialists Cida Bento and Sueli Carneiro and Mattos Filho professionals Patrícia Soares and Vítor Macabu participate in the discussion.